Single Property Websites Give Real Estate Agents in Canada a ‘Unique’ Marketing Edge

house_sign1.jpgSingle property websites are the latest trend in real estate marketing on the web and is leading the way for Canadian real estate agents to get on board.

In a nutshell, single property websites allow real estate agents to build a website dedicated to a single listing with an easy-to-use set of web-based tools.

Below is a list of various ways that single listing websites, and specifically, give real estate agents in Canada a unique competitive advantage.

Win More Listings with Higher Levels of Service

Single property websites are an effective way for real estate agents to show clients how truly unique they are by creating an appealing and content-rich website that is dedicated solely to marketing their home.

Using this approach, real estate agents can make their selling clients feel important. It tells them that, instead of marketing the agent or broker, the focus is on marketing the property.

With an increase in FSBO activity in recent years, agents are increasingly being challenged on the level of service they provide. Single property websites are a means to demonstrate to selling clients how they will go above and beyond to properly market their home.

Leveraged Advertising Dollars

Property-specific domain names (i.e. are a great link between an agents property marketing channels. For example, domain names can effectively be used in print advertising and on the main lawn sign of a property to direct potential buyers to the property online – a great time saver for the consumer. offers automated domain name registration through its service and hosting of the website for one year, included in the flat fee of $69 (volume discounts available).

Attract Buyers with Content-Rich Websites

The Internet can be a significant threat to real estate agents in Canada, who have traditionally been the gatekeepers of information related to a particular property. Homebuyers today are more empowered than ever to research a particular property on the web, before even thinking of contacting an agent.27turtlepointdrive.jpg

Single property website services, such as UniqueHomesites, allow agents to easily harness the power of the Internet and re-gain control by packaging a variety of information into a template to create an informative and engaging homebuying experience.

An example of how agents can capitalize is to use emerging web video technologies, such as, to edit, upload, and distribute video tours of the property. Video content uploaded to YouTube can quickly and seamlessly be integrated within a UniqueHomeSite and is additional exposure for the listing.

Time and Money Savings

Single property websites allow agents to save time by automating much of the information-gathering process for a new listing with automated mapping, a Canadian school locator, and neighbourhood demographics. 

With a UniqueHomeSites, all technical details are taken care of – a fully functional site can be built within minutes using an easy-to-use website building wizard.

In addition, users can build and preview as many sites as they want – completely free of charge. Payment is only required upon domain name registration.


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