Internet Technologies Replacing Old Techniques Among Realtors

There is an interesting and well-written article that appeared on the website a few months ago that is worth mentioning. Author Georgie Binks discusses new technologies, such as panoramic photos, video, and mapping, and how they are gradually replacing old marketing techniques used by Realtors.

In the article, she outlines 5 key benefits of new technologies for both home buyers and sellers:

  1. Easy for on-line shoppers – more property information is available at the click of a mouse.
  2. Real estate agents who embrace new technology are able to win more listings by standing out in a crowded market
  3. Internet technology has become very easy to use and affordable (sometimes free!), allowing sellers of property to have much more control in marketing property on the web – without having to use the often expensive services of a website developer
  4. Virtual tours (including property video and maps) allow real estate agents to better market property to out-of-town buyers
  5. Additional details that virtual tours provide reduces the need for an open house, which is typically stressful on home sellers and often a waste of time for homebuyers who don’t have complete information before visiting a property.

2 Responses to Internet Technologies Replacing Old Techniques Among Realtors

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