Are Agent Teams Better?

teamwork-climbers-pre-made-frame-c11674749.jpegIn the past two days, there have been a couple of related items posted on the Internet regarding the value of teams in the context of real estate agents. Given that this seems to be a hot topic, I thought I would review.

The first item to appear was a posting on the Edmonton Real Estate Blog entitled ‘Two Reason to Consider a Team’. In this posting, the author discusses the benefits of having an experienced resource on hand to act as a back-up in the event that you become too busy (i.e. with new clients, family obligations, etc) to effectively deal with requests from existing clients or to pursue new leads.

This is great for when times are good, but when things slow down, do you really want an extra sales agent on the payroll? As the posting suggests, there are benefits in creating a team with a diverse set of skills.

For example, many agents often hire unlicensed individuals (at a lower cost) to handle some of the often time-consuming administrative tasks (i.e. taking pictures, website / mls updates, virtual tours, etc). Meanwhile, someone with a little more experience is likely required for showings, open houses, and marketing.

The other item, RISMedia daily news feed’s Top Story from today, entitled ‘The Decision to Form a Team: When, Why, and How’, discusses insights and approaches used by three different team leaders.

Here are some tips from the team leaders that they interviewed for this story:

“I knew that a team was the right way to go when I realized that, even if I worked as hard and as long as I could, I would not be able to deliver the level of service that I wanted and that the client wanted.”

“One of the main indicators (that I needed to form a team) was my lack of time and the fact that I let many buyers pass through my finger tips because I had no time for anything less than “A” buyers. My volume was increasing to the point of working mostly 12-15 hour days usually seven days a week. I had no time for anything else but work and my clients”

“I was nervous to commit so I started with a Virtual Assistant because you can use them as needed. The down side to the Virtual Assistant is that sometimes you need extra hands or someone to run around to fill up brochure boxes, place signs, etc.”


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