YouTube and Real Estate Marketing

image002.gifIf you are wondering what all the fuss is about with YouTube and its application to real estate marketing, posted a recent interview with Internet Marketing Consultant Thomas Harpointer, which details how the use of video is making a difference for real estate agents.

Here are five important points made by Mr. Harpointer:

  1. Agents and brokers can create videos and post them on YouTube as a hook into their Web site, driving traffic they wouldn’t normally have.
  2. With the equipment available today, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a camera.
  3. Video is more exciting for the consumer and creates the perception of reputation, quality of service, and good strength for the agent who uses it.
  4. Brokers and agents are of bigger use than ever before. Eighty-one percent of those who use the Internet to look for a home also use an agent.
  5. Today video is exciting and the number one selling point is that it helps you stand out from the pack-few sites are doing it.

To read the complete interview, visit

Also, keep in mind that YouTube video content can be seamlessly integrated within your UniqueHomeSites ;-).


3 Responses to YouTube and Real Estate Marketing

  1. Steve Renner says:

    YouTube is an effctive way to Market any business.
    Real Estate brokers could really capitalize on this.

    I think video is really the future of the Internet..



  2. […] the benefits for real estate agents in Canada who use YouTube to market their listings (see ‘YouTube and Real Estate Marketing’ or ‘Real Estate Agents Use Video to Market Property […]

  3. Troy says:

    Do you think you guys would benefit from a company that is dedicated strictly to real estate videos where you could post your online real estate videos for free?

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