Expanding Canadian FSBO network aims to become one-stop source for private home sales

untitled-2.jpguntitled-2.jpguntitled-2.jpgbol.jpgbol.jpgFSBO’s and the web

A quick Internet search reveals that a large number of FSBO (For Sale By Owner) listing agencies are now operating in Canada, most charging a flat fee to list properties on their site, plus a range of support services for the private home seller.

Web services such as Google Maps, YouTube, and UniqueHomeSites are also making it easier for private sellers to successfully market their home on the Internet, while the explosion of social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook have expanded the Internet audience for private listings.

Agent’s under pressure

This has certainly raised the bar for real estate agents in Canada, who are feeling increased pressure from clients to demonstrate the value for their commissions.

Canadian real estate agents do have the advantage with exclusive access to listing their properties on the well-known national mls.ca website. It is at mls.ca where a homebuyer can access a comprehensive listing of all properties for sale by real estate agents, right across the country.

FSBO’s form alliance


However, a growing network of FSBO listing agencies have included their listings on a website called ByOwnerListings.ca. According to website operator Jolanta Zhuk, ByOwnerListings.ca was started to unite all For Sale By Owner websites under a common cause, very similar to the MLS system used by realtors.

Within the byownerlistings.ca network, all participating agencies continue to operate independantly. The search function on the website redirects the results of every listing to be viewed back to the agency’s own site.

For all FSBO listing agencies who would like to benefit from a much larger Internet audience, they can join the network for free by visiting the byownerlisting website at: 


Agencies who currently post listings on byownerlistings.ca include:



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