Real Estate Blogging – Benefits and Advice

images.jpgAccording to a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors in the U.S., only 4 percent of real estate agents have a blog. In fact, one could argue that most real estate agents don’t even know what a blog is or how it can benefit their business.

Melissa Dittmann Tracey from NAR discusses the benefits of blogs in the context of Jackie Cuneo of Zephr Real Estate in San Francisco, who used to get roughly 300 visitors per month to her real estate Web site.

Then she launched Jackie’s SF Real Estate Blog, where she shares insights and opinions on a variety of real estate topics, from homebuyer advice to local market conditions.

“Blogs are such a dynamic way to reach clients and potential clients,” Cuneo says. They’re also a great way to build site traffic and prove your expertise to buyers and sellers in your market area.

Today, less than a year after adding the blog, visits to Cuneo’s Web site have increased nearly tenfold — to between 2,400 to 3,000 visits per month, she says.

Part of the traffic comes from higher search-engine rankings; since most blogs are updated more frequently than a Web site, they tend to creep up higher on result pages when prospects search the Web for, say, San Francisco real estate.

Given the small number of real estate agents who blog, particularly in Canada, there is a huge opportunity to establish a blog to promote yourself as the go-to person in your market for buying and selling real estate.

Dittmann Tracey provides a number of tips and advice for getting your first real estate blog started. Below are the 14 steps in highlight form:

Step 1. Read other blogs.

Step 2. Focus on real estate.

Step 3. Determine your blog’s goals and audience.

Step 4. Refine your content.

Step 5. Set the tone.

Step 6. Choose blogging software.

Step 7. Add terms of use and other legal protections.

Step 8. Develop a writing schedule.

Step 9. Promote your blog.

Step 10. Encourage audience participation.

Step 11. Make it easy to find.

Step 12. Organize your archives.

Step 13. Track your readership.

Step 14. Blog away!


3 Responses to Real Estate Blogging – Benefits and Advice

  1. Great case example of how one agent has proactively engaged her audience and turned up the traffic at the same time.

    Rebecca D. Levinson-

  2. Kari Calder says:

    This is very insightful… I am just in the process of building my blog but it’s great to see the success others are having with it.

  3. hbtami says:

    Thanks for the info. I’m new to blogging, and this helps.

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