Top industry trainer Daryl Davis offers eleven winning techniques for building your listing inventory

There’s an old saying in our business: the office that controls the inventory controls the marketplace. Many agents, however, steer away from listing presentations because they don’t have a clear process to follow.

Below, top industry real estate coach and trainer Daryl Davis reveals ten specific tips for obtaining listings — all of which are now used with great success by students participating in his year-long training course, The POWER Program ® .

Advertise for a Free Phone Appraisal

There are potential sellers in your market who are curious about how much their home is worth, but they won’t call an agent because they fear the “hard sell.” With the Free Phone Appraisal approach, you create an ad encouraging homeowners to call for a market analysis over the phone.

Offer Free Special Reports … and Capture ‘Em When They Call

Titles such as “How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes When Selling Your Home” or “How to Prepare Your House for Sale” can save the seller thousands of dollars. Advertise for these, and leave an 800 number with an extension.

Pursue Old FSBOs

There are people who were trying to sell their home a few months ago, were unsuccessful and then stopped advertising it in the paper. Call and introduce yourself and your services.

Adopt an “Orphan”

These are folks who already bought or sold a home through your company … only the agent who was involved in the sale is no longer around. You can “adopt” these orphans by calling them, introducing yourself as their appointed agent with your company and letting them know that if they need anything, they can call on you.

Visit Current FSBOs and Expireds

I’ve always been a proponent of calling FSBOs and Expireds rather than knocking on their door. But some of my students have been more successful by going face to face. The key is, when you knock on their door, tell the owner that you have a new marketing plan that can get them more money than what they were expecting. (Or, pick something else that you feel is unique about what you would do for them and focus on that.)

Practice Cause-Related Marketing

Get involved in your community; participate in career days at local schools and tell children what you do for a living. Hand out pencils, magnets or other goodies for kids to take to their parents. In addition, you could promote good will by volunteering at local hospitals, speaking before Rotary Clubs, sponsoring charity events to raise money for breast cancer awareness, etc.

Go After Rental Owners

Homeowners who are presently renting their property may want to stop being landlords. Call them, tell them you’ve noticed that they’re trying to rent their home. Let them know that in today’s hot market, we have more buyers than sellers. It’s an ideal time to “cash in”, as home prices may not remain at this level.

Don’t Neglect Past Clients

Any six-figure producers I’ve met derive 75% of their business from referrals. Plain and simple, you need some kind of system to stay in touch with past clients at least four times a year. Whether it’s a newsletter, postcard, flyer or a simple letter, it’s imperative that you keep your name (and face, when possible) visible.

Sphere of Influence

While you are making the phone calls, you can send a letter out to your sphere of influence offering a real estate related service that can save them money without obligating them to buy or sell a home.

Create a Web Presence

There are a lot of savvy sellers today who make decisions in part based on an agent’s technological know-how. With this in mind, show potential sellers that you can promote their property on the web. It’s an impressive tool … and it works.

Become a Specialist

As in most any field, specialists make more money. Therefore, develop a niche in which you want to concentrate and keep working it. For instance, one possible specialty is waterfront properties. Let’s say you enjoy selling these homes and develop a good reputation. Well, you can stay in touch with past customers and future prospects by sending them mailings of interest to them — like details about the water table.

The more of these techniques you put to use, the greater your chance of building your listing inventory and ensuring a steady stream of commissions. So, don’t delay. Choose at least one of these tips and get moving — TODAY!

About the Author:

For the past 14 years, Darryl Davis has traveled around the country coaching agents and brokers on how to achieve their next level of success. In 1993, he created The POWER Program , the only training course for agents that meets once a month for a full year. On average, graduating Power Agents double their production over their previous year. In addition, Darryl is the author of the best-selling book How To Become a Power Agent in Real Estate. To learn more about Darryl please visit http://www.DarrylDavis.comor call 1-800-395-3905


2 Responses to Top industry trainer Daryl Davis offers eleven winning techniques for building your listing inventory

  1. Darryl, great and helpful tips. I would also stress the networking potential on the internet, not only for new buyers and seller prospects, but for those agents looking to make an outbound referral and other real estate service professionals looking to do the same.

    Rebecca D. Levinson-

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