Generating Quality Homebuyer Leads from your Website

lead.jpgIn a recent article posted on the U.S. National Association of Realtors website, entitled ‘Make an Offer they Can’t Refuse’, real estate training expert Michael Russer gives advice on getting prospects to interact with your website by providing appealing incentives that will set you apart from your competition.

Mr. Russer writes:

To get consumers’ attention nowadays you need to step it up with an “irresistible offer” — the term I use for a special package, piece of information, document, or item that will be viewed as extremely valuable by your customers. Here are the qualities of irresistible offers:

  • Targeted to your specific niche market.
  • Considered extremely valuable by members of that market.
  • Is unique — only you are offering it, or better yet, you are the only one who can offer it.
  • Uses an attention-grabbing headline or has a catchy name.
  • Uses a request form that invites the visitor to share personal information, and assures them that their information will be kept private.

The key concept here is to offer something on your website that a prospective homebuyer wants (or even better, needs), then make it accessible only by filling out a very short contact form. This allows you to capture their contact information and do the appropriate follow-up to win them over as clients.

Some techniques that are commonly used in the market today, as well as those suggested by Mr. Russer include:

  1. Offer a free home valuation based on similar properties (and your expert knowledge)
  2. Offer a neighbourhood analysis report
  3. Neighbourhood discount books
  4. First-time buyer tips and advice
  5. Have virtual tours only accessible to registered guests

2 Responses to Generating Quality Homebuyer Leads from your Website

  1. The challenge always seem to be how to get them in front of your website. Site promotion in real estate is one of the toughest out there with the mortgage and viagra sellers.

  2. Consistent branding of your website in all of your offline venues is another way to push quality contacts to you website. There is no magic wand, it take hard work and perseverance.

    Rebecca D. Levinson,

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