Technolgy Expert offers Camera Advice to Real Estate Agents

009_009.jpgIn a recent article from the online edition of Realtor Magazine, real estate technology writer Mike Antoniak discusses photography options for real estate agents

No matter what angle you try, or how far you step back, fitting the image of a whole home or room into a single camera shot can be a challenge. Yet great photos of your listings in full form are becoming more and more essential to your virtual tours and marketing. What can you do?One solution is to use “stitching software” that comes bundled many digital cameras; the software combines two or more images into one seamless panorama for a broader perspective. Another approach is to add wide-angle capability to a standard lens.Or, you can simply go shopping for a new digital camera — a good option if you’re in the market for an upgrade. There’s a growing selection of wide-angle lens digital cameras that will allow you to capture the whole interior or exterior in just one click, without stepping so far back that the details get lost in the picture.

For an idea of what’s on the market, Mr. Antoniak provides a sampling of the latest wide-angle solutions being offered by some popular camera makers.


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