13 Questions Real Estate Agents Should be Prepared to Answer

handshake.jpgWith so many agents in Canada’s real estate marketplace, many trying to win the same listing, it is important for realtors to take measures to stand apart from their competition. 

As posted on RISMedia.com the other day, the Seller Agency Council went out and asked some home sellers what questions they would ask a prospective agent to help them determine who they would pick to represent them in selling their home. Here are their responses:

  1. How many homes have you sold in the last ___ days, not your company or your office, but you personally? How long did they stay on the market?
  2. How long have you been an active, working agent? not just licensed or in the real estate business, but how long have you actually been selling in our market?
  3. How well do you know our neighborhood?
  4. Are you willing to offer a guarantee that allows me to cancel at any time, for any reason with no advance notice and with no explanation necessary?
  5. Do you have a 24 hour line that provides information to buyers at any time, 24 hours a day? Do you pay for it yourself or is it provided by a lender or your company?
  6. Do you know the difference between passive selling and aggressive marketing?
  7. Do you use home staging as part of your marketing program?
  8. Do you have an aggressive market plan into which you invest your personal dollars?
  9. How does your marketing benefit your sellers directly?
  10. What sort of guarantee do you offer?
  11. Do you test your marketing techniques for results and change plans if required?
  12. What Internet marketing is done for my home, by you as an agent and by your company?
  13. Do you have a team or an assistant to help you market our home?

2 Responses to 13 Questions Real Estate Agents Should be Prepared to Answer

  1. Rachel B says:

    I hope to see more real estate agents using stagers. The smart ones already do! Staging best prepares a house for showing on the market. It is a fact that staged homes are on the market for less time, which means they sell for higher amounts. Staging is rewarding.

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