New Real Estate Research Report discusses ‘Information Explosion’

A 24-page research report, authored by well known industry leaders, Stefan SwanepoelStu Siegel, and Allen Wright, was recently made available for FREE on the Internet the other day. The report discusses how real estate agents can manage the data overload and more knowledgeable consumer characteristic of today’s real estate market.

The position of the whitepaper is clear: The role of an agent may be limited to an administrative order-taker or it could be expanded to that of a true professional, specializing in an area with the skill set necessary to provide and interpret the relevant information pertaining to that area. The time has come for real estate agents to make the conscious decision to become more professional or leave the industry.

True real estate professionals will ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively serve the new home buyer and seller. To achieve this they will need to conduct proper and comprehensive research by utilizing the best data aggregators and service providers in the field in order to provide their customers with a meaningful and relevant interpretation of the data. And last, but by no means least, professionals must continuously enhance their professional skills and abilities by studying and remaining current with changes in the industry through the latest education opportunities.

Although, not mentioned in the whitepaper, are an effective and affordable way to integrate property and neighbourhood data from a variety of sources into a single property website template.

UniqueHomeSite users can choose from a growing library of professionally-designed templates, and bring together YouTube content, Google maps, unlimited property still and panoramic photos, property descriptions, and neighbourhood information to create an impressive and informative online viewing experience for prospective homebuyers.


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  1. […] william wrote an interesting post today on New Real Estate Research Report discusses âInformation ExplosionâHere’s a quick excerptA 24-page research report, authored by well known industry leaders, Stefan Swanepoel, Stu Siegel, and Allen Wright, was recently made available for FREE on the Internet the other day. The report discusses how real estate agents can … […]

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