New Website Brings Real Estate Community Together in Vancouver


There is a new Canadian real estate community web site called where Realtors and other industry professionals (i.e. Mortage Specialists, Home Inspectors, etc)  can blog about their local market conditions while consumers can search from over 20,000 properties.

According to Jonathon Lyon, co-founder of the website:

“My Real Place was developed to provide a single one stop resource for home buyers and sellers to find properties, ask questions and otherwise engage with every realty related professional during the process of selling, buying and owning a home.

We now have over 3,000 registered users who actively use the site. We have have attracted this audience based on our advertising and marketing efforts and continue to grow this base.”

For consumers, the MyRealPlace search engine can be used to find a house or any other type of real estate. Alternatively, it is an excellent forum to ask questions of the professionals, search out realty professionals, and also check out live MyRealPlace stats, including current average prices are for different types of real estate in specific areas.

Although no direct advertising opportunities exist for real estate professionals to promote their services, agents can list their properties for free. Also, for a paid subscription ($10 per month or $100 for a year), you get access to your own blog page, where regular postings will get you featured on the home page and help establish a greater internet presence.


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