‘Mr. Internet’ Launches Online Dominance Program™ for Real Estate Agents

32mqqm99gs.jpgMichael Russer (aka Mr. Internet), an Internet speaker, trainer, author, and consultant to the real estate industry, has just introduced a self-directed, video-based training program specifically designed to teach real Realtors how to effectively communicate with the online consumer.

Details on the program, entitled ‘Online Dominance’, can be found by visiting www.OnlineDominance.com.

Mr. Russer reports that current members of the program have reported radically positive results in their ability to attract and retain new customers on the Internet.

“This is the first practical, fully scalable solution that truly facilitates understanding online consumers, and shows agents and brokers how to generate leads and consistently convert them to closes,” says Russer of his Online Dominance program. “Empowering Realtors to utilize these simple but effective resources will not only prove to be valuable to their business, but provide a great benefit to their customers as well.”

Mr. Russer, a long-time proponent of the benefits of single property websites, also authors a monthly article on the U.S. National Association of Realtors website – www.realtors.org , which is very much worth checking out for tips on Internet marketing for real estate agents.

He will also be a keynote speaker the upcoming Royal LePage 2007 National Brokers’ Conference in Bermuda.

Michael’s Bio:

Michael J. Russer is an internationally recognized speaker, author and strategic consultant about business transformation and the Internet for the real estate industry. He is the father of “Virtual Outsourcing” for the real estate industry, and named one of 25 most influential people in real estate. He is also the exclusive Internet columnist for REALTOR Magazine, author of the groundbreaking Intel White Paper “CONNECTED 2001 – The Transformation Of The Residential Real Estate Industry”, and strategic advisor to NAR, ARELLO and major real estate franchises.


One Response to ‘Mr. Internet’ Launches Online Dominance Program™ for Real Estate Agents

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