Tips to Make Your Home Listing Stand Out Among the Crowd

46923.jpgA recent article from offers six home-photo tips to attract buyers to your on-line listings.

Here is a summary:

  1. Lighten up. For exterior shots, shoot in the middle of the day when the sun is shining and the sky is blue. For interior shots, turn on all the lights and use a flash.
  2. More is better. Home buyers want to see more than just the front of the house. Buyers also want to get a look at the living room, kitchen, dining room, family room, master bedroom/bathroom and the backyard.
    Note: Products such as UniqueHomeSites single property websites allow you to upload an unlimited number of photos.
  3. Get a clear shot. Remove clutter from an area before photographing it. Clear counter space and remove fridge magnets, children’s toys, dirty dishes and other distractions.
  4. Go pro. If you’re planning to use a real-estate agent, ask to see his or her photography first, and find out whether the agency uses a professional photographer.
  5. Give it your best shot. Quality counts when taking photos i.e. cell-phone cameras don’t cut it.
  6. Edit. Improve a shot using basic photo-editing software. Some free Web sites make editing a snap, such as, and

For additional information the Better Homes and Gardens website has numerous resources for anyone buying or selling a home, including an article entitled – ’14 Ways to Add Curb Appeal’

You can also check out another article on the Real Estate section of, entitled ‘How to make your home stand out’.


2 Responses to Tips to Make Your Home Listing Stand Out Among the Crowd

  1. Jim Junkin says:

    Good digital pictures are imperative. Buyers and real estate agents alike, will skip listings with poor or no photography, and move to more preferable listings that they know are presentable and closer to the search criteria that they are looking for.
    It doesn’t take a lot of time to ensure that the presentation of your property is competitive and first class, but it will afford you the opportunity of a quicker sale and a better offer.

  2. […] discussed BHG on this blog in the past, pointing out the numerous resources available on their website for anyone buying or selling a […]

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