YouTube Launches Canadian Version!

pic_youtubelogo_123x63.gifMatt Hartley writes a report on the Globe and Mail website discussing today’s announcement that the popular video sharing web service YouTube now has a Canadian version – .

For those who don’t know, YouTube is owned by parent company Google Inc., which purchased the then-fledgling video hosting site one year ago for $1.76-billion (U.S.).

In the past, we have discussed the benefits for real estate agents in Canada who use YouTube to market their listings (see ‘YouTube and Real Estate Marketing’ or ‘Real Estate Agents Use Video to Market Property Listings’).

We also encourage property sellers to use our UniqueHomeSites service, which allows for an easy integration of YouTube content into a single property website.

Today’s announcement should only enhance the benefits of video marketing for real estate as the website has now become more country-specific.

YouTube believes that by creating country-specific sites, users will have an easier time finding the relevant videos they are looking for. Canadian users uploading videos will be afforded greater exposure on the Canadian site, which will then raise their profile on the international parent site,


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