Where do you Spend your Advertising Dollars?

re07_web_chart.jpgBorrell Associates, a research and consulting firm that tracks local advertising, released a new report last week on real estate spending, entitled Real Estate Outlook 2007-2012.

The report examines print vs. online advertising spending patterns among real estate agents and brokers in 2007. It also provides a forecast for the next 5 years.

“Real estate brokers and agents will continue to devote more marketing budgets to online media. This year they will spend $2.6 billion on online media and by 2012 online will topple newspapers share.”

However, the internet marketing experts over at Koeppel Direct suggest that real estate brokers should use a combination of print, online, and broadcast advertising to generate leads.

Peter Koeppel, president of Koeppel Direct, provides more detail in the latest Real Estate Broker’s Insider newsletter (available by subscription).

At Base 10, we believe single property websites allow real estate agents and brokers in Canada to leverage their advertising dollars by creating a link between print and online advertising.

By featuring a unique domain name in your print ads, readers are easily referred to detailed information on the Internet, including photos, maps, neighbourhood information, and even video content.


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