Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) votes for re-branded

mls_logo.gifAn article appeared on REM Online this week outlining a decision by CREA members at its October Assembly in Calgary to ‘re-brand’ their website.

The solution involves a re-branded home page, displaying all the services that Realtors provide, including mls listings, reachable by typing in “” or ““. (Note that the website provides consumers with searchable access to most listings owned by real estate agencies from coast to coast. )

Their re-branding solution, however, did meet some resistance from members, citing potential confusion with “” in the U.S.

Ann Bosely, CREA president, says ““We’re talking with the U.S. right now – we want to find out how many Canadians really are on, we’re talking about maybe linking the two the way we do with I suspect we’ll end up with, but we’ve got to clear the way to make it the best we possibly can.” 

In somewhat related news, a post by Joel Burslem from the Future of Real Estate Marketing blog, discusses the latest Neighbourhood tool that was recently added to

The Neighbourhood tool leverages their extensive database of homes for sale, to provide consumers with Zillow-like access to average list prices at the neighbourhood level. Included are some great maps, as well as demographic and other neighbourhood-specific information for consumers.

Whether CREA decides to implement the same functionality on is yet to be known, but it is unlikely they will be able to keep up with the advances made by their counterparts south of the border. 


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