Digital imaging software provides do-it-yourself slideshow solution, easy export to YouTube

image002.gifImagematics, producer of a digital imaging software called StillMotion, recently announced a product update, which allows users to publish slideshows produced with StillMotion directly to! (thanks to Larry Lohram over at the Photography for Real Estate blog for making us aware of this!)

StillMotion is described as an easy-to-use and affordable slideshow oriented multimedia presentation product.

In essence, the product lets you create slide show presentations from a set of property photos – an ideal tool for real estate agents wishing to go the extra mile for their selling clients.

According to the Imagematics website, their StillMotion software provides a highly visual menu system that quickly lets even a beginner create professional and compelling presentation of their images.

Once complete, users can export their presentations to with the help of an easy-to-follow set of instructions.

This software offers a great complement to our single property website solution in that we feature seamless integration with content posted on YouTube.

UniqueHomeSite users simply copy the unique URL that is assigned to their YouTube video, and paste it into their control panel.


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