Tips for Real Estate Agents to Justify Their Commission

111ways.jpg recently posted an article entitled “Eight Ways to Justify Your Commission“, which provides real estate agents some quick tips in offering their clients complete transparency while winning them over at the same time. 

The article is authored by Michael Soon Lee, longtime real estate agent, professional speaker, and author of the new book “111 Ways to Justify Your Commission“.

“Thanks to the availability of listings over the Internet and the rising prices of homes across the country, over the past ten years consumers are increasingly questioning the value of the commissions paid to real estate professionals.” Lee explains, “today we have to explain our value if we want to be fairly compensated.”

Some great tips include showing a pie chart about how small the commission actually is after split between the buying agent, brokers cut, listing expenses, and taxes.

Of course, we believe that single property websites from are a great way to help justify your commission with selling clients. A do-it-yourself website can be created in minutes for under $70.

Transparent Real Estate blog also points to an excellent slideshow by a real estate team in California to describe to their clients how their internet marketing plan differentiates them from the competition.     


One Response to Tips for Real Estate Agents to Justify Their Commission

  1. scott gibson says:

    I think justify what we are worth is important, but you must personalize your approach or it sounds like a sales pitch. Over the last few years agents have stopped personallly showing their own listings, calling their clients or presenting their offers personally to sellers. You cannot just rely on text and e-mail messaging , there is nothing that replaces “person to person” contact to reinforce what the value of your services really are.

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