Use Neighbourhood Photos to Help Sell a Home

playpark.jpgIts no secret we think Larry Lohrman’s Photography for Real Estate blog is an excellent resource for real estate professionals. He offers really great tips from both a photographer and a real agents perspective.

For example, he recently posted a simple, yet important, reminder to real estate agents to include photos of a property’s neighbourhood when presenting a listing on the Internet.

“Buyers have to be attracted to the neighborhood before they are going to by a home there.” Larry says, “Since most slide-show virtual tour formats can accommodate large numbers of photos there’s really no reason to not have plenty of photos of the neighborhood on listings.”

In a related post, check out the Future of Real Estate Marketing blog (another great resource for real estate marketing tips!) for pointing to this impressive video, produced by a real estate agent in Chicago showing how they are the neighbourhood experts.

At, our single property websites allow for an unlimited number of photo uploads (still and panoramic’s), as well as video feeds from YouTube and Google Video.

Check out this recent UniqueHomeSite for a property in St. Catharines, Ontario (check the panoramics) –


3 Responses to Use Neighbourhood Photos to Help Sell a Home

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  3. Dave Weiss says:

    Thanks for linking to our blog and Chicago Wicker Park neighborhood video.

    The video has had great response from real estate bloggers and clients love it, too. There are more videos on the way, so stay tuned.

    I’m always willing to give people advice and discuss how the video was made as well as provide a bit of a “producer’s commentary” on the hows, whys, and process behind it all. It’s really a huge endeavor to produce videos like these.

    Thanks again.


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