How to Stand Out in a Crowd as a Real Estate Professional

different.jpgJoe Cooke, an author and speaker with over 25 years experience in real estate marketing, discusses techniques on how to separate yourself from the competition as a real estate professional.

He suggests that a custom marketing plan should be developed for each prospect, stressing that one of the key elements in any marketing plan is differentiation.

“Telling your prospects that you are better than anyone else is an empty promise. You need to show them. To do that, you actually have to do something better than everyone else, and it has to be something tangible.”

Real estate agents can visit for a free download of a marketing plan put together by Mr. Cooke, which will help you get started.

Indeed, it is true that real estate agents in Canada need to distinguish themselves from the pack. According to a recent article in the Financial Post online, entitled ‘We’re not getting rich, says Realtors’, there was $118.3-billion in sales in Canada’s top 25 markets in 2007, a 19.6% jump from a year earlier.

Given the average commission is about 5%, that leaves about $5.915-billion in commissions to be split among the country’s approximate 96,000 agents, or about $61,600 per agent.

Of course, we believe that single property websites from are an effective and low-cost means to show clients how you will go above and beyond for them when listing their home.


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  1. Anton James says:

    I never knew about UniqueHomeSites…..I will use the service …thanks

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