Using Neighbourhood Photos in Listing Presentations – Part 2

ttc.jpgLast week, we talked about the importance of including neighbourhood photos as part of your real estate listing presentations on the Internet.

We have noticed that it’s something not many real estate professionals do, even though prospective buyers who surf the net truly value these types of photos.

It gives internet buyers an additional flavour of what the neighbourhood has to offer in terms of services and amenities.

To give you a good example, Stevie Crawford of Royal Lepage Real Estate Services in Toronto recently created a UniqueHomeSite for a condo he is currently listing, where he included a number of neighbourhood photos, such as that of a nearby park, transit station, shopping, and the neighbourhood LCBO.

You can check out his listing here for inspiration! (Click on the Photos link)


One Response to Using Neighbourhood Photos in Listing Presentations – Part 2

  1. Jim Junkin says:

    The more photos the better. Digital shots can only enhance the marketability of your property, and the inclusion of neighbourhood photos adds to the well worn phrase “Location, Location, Location”
    Utilizing neighbourhood shots allows potential buyers the opprtunity of building a familiarity with your home prior to the initial viewing. A great way to start!

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