New Video Podcasting Service Benefits Real Estate Professionals

podcast.jpgThis week, a new web service was launched called, which provides real estate profesionals with an easy and low-cost way to try their hand at video podcasting.

As an added bonus, the results can be fully integrated within our single property websites.

Here’s how it works – First, register your contact information (inc. logo and profile pic) with Second, upload your property photos and enter a text description of the listing.

The rest is taken care of by the folks at What they do is take the listing information that you supply and develop it into a video. Then, they distribute it to a wide variety of search engines – all for a one-time fee of $50 per property.

According to CEO and Founder Ryan Hoback, “We place your video on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Itunes, and many other directories to maximize the visibility. Our optimization strategies target viewers by geographic and keyword specific searches, so each viewing is highly targeted to localized areas.”

Once the property video podcast has been automatically uploaded to Google Video and YouTube by WhatIWantRealEstate, it can easily be integrated into your UniqueHomeSite.


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