Looking for a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

photographer.gifAre you a Canadian real estate agent looking for a professional photographer?

Well, look no further than where the experts hang out at Larry Lohrman’s Photography for Real Estate blog.

Hiring a professional photographer will not only save you time, but will enhance your listing presentation on the Internet – something both sellers and buyers will appreciate.

Larry has an extensive directory of photographers from all over the world who specialize photographing in real estate.

Although, the list of Canadian’s is limited to a select number of cities, the directory will most certainly grow as this blog is a great resource for photographers.

Here is a list of Canadian’s currently listed in the directory

Jeff Hilbrecht CA AL Edmonton www.tridentphotography.com
Aaron Lagadyn CA BC Nanaimo www.tres.ca
Linda Sabiston CA BC Sun. Coast www.firstimpressionphotos.com
Yoree Grozenok CA BC Vancouver www.BrightLightPhotography.ca
Matthew Piers CA ON Toronto www.matthewpiers.com
Andrew Ptak CA ON Toronto www.andrewptak.com
Savi Creations CA ON Toronto www.savicreations.com
Justin Soles CA QC Montreal www.justsophoto.com

For those photographers who wish to be included in Larry’s directory, $20 will get you a lifetime listing. 

Also, for a limited time he will throw in a copy of his Photography for Real Estate e-book with registration if you ask for one in the comments part of the sign up page.

Not a bad deal given that his blog has #1 google ranking for the search terms “real estate photography” and “real estate photographer”.


5 Responses to Looking for a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

  1. I have done some real estate photography myself, so I can tell you it really is not that easy as one might think.
    I suggest you hire a professional photographer, otherwise the results may not fulfill your expectations. But if you want to shoot the pics yourselfl anyway, here are a few suggestions I have found at http://www.digicamhelp.com:
    * Do some staging. Temporarily move distracting items from the scene such as a car in the driveway or a For Sale sign on the lawn. For interior shots, tidy up the room so it looks uncluttered.
    * Highlight positive areas of property.
    * Before snapping the shutter button, review the scene so vertical or horizontal line are perpendicular.
    * Take shots from different angles so nothing obstructs an important part of the scene.
    * Moving slightly to the left or right, or back a few steps, before taking a photo can improve composition. Check the composition on the LCD.

  2. […] Today, we want to discuss something that many in the industry seem to ignore – great real estate marketing begins with great photos! […]

  3. N. Foligno says:

    you can also check out George at http://www.photographyrealestate.com for nice HDR real estate photos in Montreal

  4. Photography for Real Estate site is an excellent site. I check in daily! They also offer a pretty decent photographers tour platform.

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