Homebuyers want information before talking to a Real Estate Salesperson

home_buying.jpgAn article appeared on the Winnipeg Free Press website last week, discussing how the Internet has changed the way consumers shop for real estate.

The author, Deborah Bowers, draws interesting comparisons with other consumer market segments such as electronics, music, and books.

Real estate is a market segment in which the Web is having significant impact. In the past, interested customers would phone a Realtor’s paging service, leave their phone number, and wait in trepidation for real or perceived pressure to buy, sell or at least set up a meeting.

Today, the Internet has given even tire-kickers the expectation of being able to find out what they want, when they want it — in virtual anonymity.

To help Canadian real estate professionals cope with an increasing demand for more information, UniqueHomeSites.com packages information from a variety of sources into a content-rich single property website, offering a ‘unique’ online experience for homebuyers.

An easy-to-use site building wizard automatically generates integrated links for the real estate agent, offering neighbourhood mapping and demographics, property video, a school locator, unlimited photos, and a mortgage calculator.    


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