Realtor Magazine Cover Story Discusses Blogs and Web 2.0

web20.gifThe latest issue of Realtor magazine features a cover story attempting to clear the air about how real estate professionals can market themselves on the Internet by leveraging web 2.0 technologies.

In a nutshell, web 2.0 refers to the latest trends appearing on the Internet, including blogs, social networking sites (i.e. Facebook), and other web services such as and Google mapping.

By embracing web 2.0 (in particular blogging), real estate professionals can establish a powerful web identity that allows them to appear more prominently in web search results, thereby attracting more potential clients to their services.

The Realtor Magazine article points to Theresa Boardman, a real estate professional in St. Paul, Minnesota, as a blogging success story.    

Looking for a way to increase her online visibility, Boardman turned to a tactic then still relatively unknown to real estate professionals. She started her own blog, a Web-based daily chat with her customers, potential customers, and anyone else interested in hearing about real estate in her St. Paul, Minn., market area. “At the time, I couldn’t find any examples to follow,” she recalls.

Today, her site pops up first on a list of Google finds when you search for “St. Paul real estate.” She’s getting between 3,000 and 5,000 visitors a week to her blog, and that’s translated into new business.

At Base 10, we have been able attract a huge number of visitors to our blog, simply by posting content that we believe is relevant to our single property website clients. Not only does this make our existing clients happy, it has also generated new business for us.

As a real estate professional, imagine you  created a blog discussing local market conditions, neighbourhood news, or other items that give you credibility as an expert in your selling area.

Now, if you are thinking “I wouldn’t know what to write about on a blog”, then check out this great post from the Real Estate Tomato blog, which puts things into context by drawing comparisons with other industries.

They also have a series of other relevant posts to help get you started with a real estate blog, such as:

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One Response to Realtor Magazine Cover Story Discusses Blogs and Web 2.0

  1. 258marketing says:

    +1 for Real Estate Tomato and Theresa Boardman. Both excellent views for real estate pros to see how much potential the web can have for their business.

    Chris Mitchell

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