Real Estate Agencies in Canada Need a Competitive Edge in 2008

key.jpgIn a recent poll conducted by Royal Bank of Canada, home buying intentions among Canadian consumers have slipped to their lowest level in years, as reported on

Across Canada, home buying intentions slipped by 5 percentage points year over year to 23 per cent, according to the Ipsos Reid poll. The number of respondents who said they were “very likely” to buy dropped from 9 per cent last year to 7 per cent in 2008, the lowest level since the poll was started 15 years ago.

When asked how likely they are to purchase a home within the next two years, here is how Canadian’s responded:

Very likely: 7%

Somewhat likely: 16%

Not very likely: 28%

Not likely at all: 49%

Total vote: 3,022

With fewer home buyers, sales representatives will not only have greater difficulties in selling their existing listings in 2008, but there will also be greater competition among agents for new listings as people stay put in their homes.

At Base 10 Web Solutions, we offer real estate sales representative in Canada a ‘unique’ way to stay competitive with our single property website solution – Our web-based site building wizard simplifies the process of building a professional-looking website within minutes.

Not only do single property websites tell clients that selling their home is a priority, they are packed with useful information for consumers, including photos, video, maps, a school locator, neighbourhood demographics, as well as an easy-to-remember domain name.    


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