CREA reaches out to ‘next generation’ of realtors

the-next-generation_l1An article appeared in Business Edge News Magazine last week describing a new Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) taskforce designed to help younger realtors survive in today’s marketplace.

According to the article, CREA is expecting a 3% decline in its membership to 97,000 members in 2009, but is bracing for additional declines in new licensees as markets begin to cool across the country and the home selling environment becomes much more challenging.   

“There’s a recognition that our next-generation realtors operate on a very different level than we do,” says Beth Crosbie, who heads the taskforce.

“This is an effort to bring them in, because they’re our future leaders, and we want to make sure that the association is providing them with the right tools and services for their style of work.”

Crosbie is referring to Internet tools such as Facebook and YouTube, which are growing in importance for real estate agents in reaching potential home buyers and sellers.

At Base 10 Web Solutions, we couldn’t agree more with this approach. Thats why we develop products and services that are designed to help realtors survive in today’s Internet age.

Every day we see examples of real estate agents who have done little to enhance their web presence or participate in some form of social networking online.

We expect that, as a new generation of home buyer emerges, real estate agents who do not embrace technology will be left behind.

Certainly, many established real estate agents across Canada will continue to be successful due to an established referral network. However, the successful rookie realtor will need to be ahead of the technology curve.   

We ‘ll keep you posted on any results that are made public from the CREA taskforce.



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