Swanepoel Discusses Web 2.0 for Realtors

March 30, 2009

trendsThe 2009 Swanepoel Trends Report came out last month. The Report is widely acknowledged as the most comprehensive Report covering change in the real estate business.

This is an annual report, authored by Stefan Swanepoel, which summarizes the preceding year and details the most significant trends, innovation and new business models impacting the real estate business.  

Although, there is a price for this report, you can check out a great video below of Mr. Swanepoel describing the latest social networking and web 2.0 tools available for today’s real estate agent.


Twitter How-to Guide for Real Estate Agents

March 23, 2009

twitter2Word up to Mike Andrew’s Real Estate Tips & Technology blog for pointing us to Twitter for Real Estate – A Guide on How to Do It.

The guide was originally put together by Nicole Nikolay from MyTechOpinion and is ideal for those real estate agents looking to generate leads through social networking.

For those who don’t know about Twitter, the best way to describe it can be found on the Twitter website: 

If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, it is one of those things that sounds totally ridiculous and stupid when you first hear about it. But once you start using it, you realize how much fun it is.

Not only is it fun, it is a fast and easy way to connect with like-minded people, such as home buyers and sellers.

After reading, we decided to create an account of our own and were amazed by the results.  Check us out at http://twitter.com/uniquehomesites

Within 48 hours of creating a Twitter account, we had established a connection with over 70 individuals in the real estate marketplace across Canada, North America, and worldwide.

The number of people who Tweet is now around 6 million and traffic to the web site has grown a staggering 600% in the past 12 months.

You or your sales agents need to download this guide today!

Re/Max Canada Introduces ‘Fit-to-Sell’ Home Staging Program

March 17, 2009

fittosellAs home selling conditions across Canada shift to a buyers market, Re/Max Canada has taken steps to ensure that sellers have the information required to prepare their homes for sale through staging.

According to Michael Polzler, Executive Vice President and Regional Director for RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada, there are three major factors that come into play when selling a home – location, price, and condition of the home.

The idea behind their recently announced ‘Fit-to-Sell’ program is simple – focus on the condition of the home, as this is the one factor that a seller can influence directly.

Through the assistance of staging expert Carla Woolnough, RE/MAX has created a comprehensive package of videos and checklists on the top 10 priorities for preparing a property for sale, which are available online to the public at www.fittosell.ca.

At Base 10, we also believe that home sellers across the country will have to go the extra mile when marketing a home for sale in an increasingly challenging environment.

Activities such as home staging, professional photography, and single property websites are expected to become much more important during the home selling process.

Sears Canada Launches ‘Certified Agent’ benefits

March 10, 2009


According to a press release last week from Sears Canada, the company has launched a Certified Real Estate Services program in the Greater Toronto Area.

Certification allows qualified sales agents to provide their buying and/or selling customers with 0.6% of the home’s selling price in Sears gift cards.

For example, a $250,000 sale price will get the home buyer or seller a $1,500 Sear gift card.

Sears Certified Agents are from leading brokerages, and are thoroughly reviewed for their sales abilities, licensing and professional achievements. They possess at least three years experience, and are knowledgeable and dedicated in the complete real estate process including: listing, home searches, negotiations and closing.

Currently servicing the GTA bordered by Oakville, Newmarket and Oshawa, they have expertise in their markets and know property values for the area, understanding unique benefits and issues of their communities.”

We’re not exactly sure how one becomes a certified agent. However, the services is operated by QV Realty Inc. in Toronto:

Phone:       647.728.4817

Toll-Free:     1.877.SEARS.51

Web:         www.searsrealestate.ca

Email:       contact@qvcanada.com