Twitter How-to Guide for Real Estate Agents

twitter2Word up to Mike Andrew’s Real Estate Tips & Technology blog for pointing us to Twitter for Real Estate – A Guide on How to Do It.

The guide was originally put together by Nicole Nikolay from MyTechOpinion and is ideal for those real estate agents looking to generate leads through social networking.

For those who don’t know about Twitter, the best way to describe it can be found on the Twitter website: 

If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, it is one of those things that sounds totally ridiculous and stupid when you first hear about it. But once you start using it, you realize how much fun it is.

Not only is it fun, it is a fast and easy way to connect with like-minded people, such as home buyers and sellers.

After reading, we decided to create an account of our own and were amazed by the results.  Check us out at

Within 48 hours of creating a Twitter account, we had established a connection with over 70 individuals in the real estate marketplace across Canada, North America, and worldwide.

The number of people who Tweet is now around 6 million and traffic to the web site has grown a staggering 600% in the past 12 months.

You or your sales agents need to download this guide today!


2 Responses to Twitter How-to Guide for Real Estate Agents

  1. This is a great article by Nichole Nikolay and Realtors should sign up for her RSS feed. Thanks for the heads up!!

  2. Hi
    I’m a newbie in the Twitter thingy, but I have find that its really cool tool
    if you want to promote yourself or any other service you may like.

    Thanks for explanation and Thank you for the post.
    Definitely learned something new today 😉


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