Do You Have a Listing Syndication Strategy?

radiotowerAn interesting article appeared on the New York Times website the other day.

It discusses the trend among real estate professionals to ‘syndicate’ their listings for display on other websites, such as, as a strategy to increase their online presence.

Listing syndication is nothing new, but the trend towards more liberal distribution of listings is not without its critics.

In response to the article, real estate blogger Dave Phillips from Charlottesville, Virginia, explores the question of whether it makes sense for local MLS systems to send their listings data to listings aggregators.

Acting as somewhat of a devil’s advocate, Mr. Phillips presents arguments against syndication, stating concerns about Internet market dilution with so many sites doing the same thing.

In Canada, only and some local Canadian real estate boards can claim that they are the sole source for ALL realtor listings within a particular market.

Meanwhile, listing aggregators such as go above and beyond for online consumers, offering a richer search experience including neighbourhood descriptions (from wikipedia), school information, home price comparisons, and even a commuter cost calculator.

At, we want to know what Canadian real estate agents, brokers, and owners think about listing syndication.

Please feel free to comment below… we want to hear from you!

Also, check out this video from Greg Afarian from Zipvo Corporation.


4 Responses to Do You Have a Listing Syndication Strategy?

  1. Saul Colt says:

    Thanks for including us in your post, and saying nice things about Zoocasa!

    We are also interested in hearing what people want so we are going to spread this link around in hopes of getting some comments going!

    Saul Colt
    Head of Magic

  2. Mike says:

    As Realtors in Canada we pay to be part of a National Association provided we meet all the qualifications. An important part of what we pay for is the ability to list properties nationally on

    It is not a monopoly as some might think. The public is free to list their homes on any given medium they choose. And anyone is free to create such products to carry listings be they private or listed with a licenced Realtor.

    In many parts of the US the public has to choose between multiples of listing products that carry only some of the homes for sale. Realtors have to pay individually to place their listings onto these systems.

    Our MLS system is the envy of the United States Real Estate Industry and it functions to the highest level for the public from Coast to Coast. Why would we want to mess with it? Change just for the sake of change makes no practical sense.

  3. I wouldnt say that it is functioning at the highest level for the public.

    In fact, it would make complete sense to change in order to keep up with search sites like Zoocasa.

    Kye Grace knows it:

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