Use your agent website to gain credibility

Rob McCance posted an article on Agent Genius blog last week, which discusses real estate websites and how they can impact your credibility as a real estate professional among an ever-increasing Internet audience.

“Whenever I see a really bad real estate website, what that says to me is that the person behind the site has a very low attention to detail. Also, they are apparently not overly concerned about their on-line credibility, as is being conveyed by their website.”

McCance goes on to describe 4 basic elements for an agent website to convey a high level of credibility:

Navigation – Is the content on your website easy to navigate?

Most visitors will be looking for one thing, and one thing only – listings!

One option is to make your property search functionality front and foremost on your website.

Don’t make your visitors have to think about where to find your listings or make them click too many times to get to what they really want.

Design – Real estate professionals are operating in an industry where first impressions are critical.

With so much competition out there, it is important to make sure that your website is clean, attractive, and has well-designed elements.

Visitors to your website will quickly pick up on design flaws, sometimes subconsciously, and formulate their opinion of you based on these flaws.

Error-free – This seems like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people post content to their website without first running it through a spell-checker.

Other things like broken links, missing images / documents, and inaccurate or out-dated information on your website will have a negative impact on people’s perception of you as a real estate professional.

Brand – Most sales representatives and brokers are obligated to display their brokerage logo somewhere on their website.

However, you do have a certain amount of freedom to promote a personalized brand, either through a customized logo, caricature, tag line, and/or the overall look-and-feel of your website.

This personalized brand should be something that will leave a positive and lasting impression.


3 Responses to Use your agent website to gain credibility

  1. Laura says:

    Love your product !!! just a point of clarification needed about this blog posting, or maybe I’m missing something ? but the cited McCance article does not include this concept: Most visitors will be looking for one thing, and one thing only – listings!

  2. Laura says:

    Hey thanks for noticing my note !

    What a good debate we’ve sparked – My reply is too long – so I’ll send my longer reply and phone number in an e-mail to you in case you want to take this debate further.

    My opinion shortened big time is… it was the choice of words like “most” and “one thing only” that I found too constraining to agree with ☺

    I don’t think listings are the primary and/or only thing people seek when landing on an AGENT website.

    And I think property searching is sooo not accomplished by using Agent websites.

    just IMHO, so please feel free to disagree

    and I still love your product !!!!

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